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Most sensitive single step protein stain

Simply run your 1D or 2D protein gel, add the stain and watch your bands or spots appear in a few minutes. There is no need to wash or destain and the background is clear.
ProteoStain will show even low concentration proteins (60 ng) within 15 minutes and down to 10 ng within 1 hour or more. Important to notice that the signal generated by the stain is linear, enabling true quantitation of your bands in 1D.
For 2D, 100 µg protein load will give nice picture overnight.
The stain is available from 100ml to 25 L

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Serva HPE 2D Flatbed 12.5% Ecoli 100 µg total (IPG 24 cm 5-8 BioRad) overnight staining. (Shadow due to air below the gel during scan)





Vertical SDS gel Dilution 2:2 From 4µg tp 7 ng


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